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Brand: Husky

Model/Part Number: H1820F, H1826F

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
00000Pump AssemblyReplacement pump9415349$203.75-
00000Rubber Tip Blow Gun Great for inflating vinyl products! Has 1/4" FPT threads. Pointed rubber tip. Shoots a powerful stream of air. Rugged shop quality. (Non-OSHA)  601$15.47Rubber Tip Blow Gun-
00102WheelNote: order this item for model H1826F.9042035$24.62-
00103Rubber Foot9038066$2.46Rubber Foot-
00105Husky Check Valve (9048053)9048053$11.63-
00106Coupler, QuickAB-9047061$12.16-
00107Drain Tap9047062$8.11Drain Tap-
00108Air Regulator You may want to order a spare of this part.90511319051170$23.00Air Regulator-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00109Gauge, PressureAB-9414744$17.14Gauge, Pressure-
00110Safety Valve1/4 in., 170 psi9049115$10.93Safety Valve-
00112Elbow Connection 3/8in MAB-9053159$13.84Elbow Connection 3/8in M-
00114Wheel PinNote: order this item for model H1826F.9402179$5.24-
00114Wheel Pin9011049$1.36Wheel Pin-
00127Unloader Line6245578000$7.39Unloader Line-
00131Pressure Switch9063203$39.95Pressure Switch-
00132Cord With Plug9065641$22.99-
00134CableMotor to pressure switch.9065333$7.44-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00145Sending Pipe Sending pipe only.  Tip: Replace both compression nuts and both compression sleeves (ferrules) when replacing this tube.9043195$5.29Sending Pipe-
00145bFerrule, Discharge Tube(not shown) Note: good to keep extra on hand! 9412337$1.68Ferrule, Discharge Tube-
00145cComp NutSome models may require comp nuts. Order 2, if needed.1400558$2.46Comp Nut-
00623Washer Conrod10004002236100745$0.76-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00626Thomas Rebuild Kits Rebuild kits for the most popular oilless Thomas,Bostitch, and Senco compressors. It is better to use this and rebuild the entire pump if your unit has any age on it. Comes with piston, cylinder, reed valves and gaskets. This will put your compressor in 'like new' condition again. Simple to do. Instructions included! Simply look for your model number. We also stock individual parts. If your connecting rod snapped, make sure that the large round weighted flywheel does not wobble on the motor shaft. If it does, then do not order rebuild kit. Cost of repair exceeds value of unit.(X)NLA
00627Control Panel9038348$1.87-
00628Cover, Gauge, Rubber9038349$2.47-
00629Tie Rod9067188$1.47-
00630Shroud Cover, Left9038346$24.40-
00631Shroud Cover, Right9038347$25.83Shroud Cover, Right-
00633Screw, Parker9412472$2.36-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00638Bolt, Handle Insert9142572$1.16-
00639Lock Cable9064009$1.16-
00640Screw, ParkerAB-9142592$1.68-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00643Washer, Grower9412192$1.16-

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