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Model/Part Number: VT6314, VT6314HDRB

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
Ferrule replacement ferrule.ST085200AV$3.22Ferrule-
Pump w/o flywheel Twin Cylinder VT Pump w/out Flywheel. Has a 55mm stroke. For Gas-powered and 240V Electric units only! This is the replacement pump for VT470000KB. Use for model VT559506.VT472200AJ$256.67Pump w/o flywheel-
Thomas Rebuild Kits Rebuild kits for the most popular oilless Thomas,Bostitch, and Senco compressors. It is better to use this and rebuild the entire pump if your unit has any age on it. Comes with piston, cylinder, reed valves and gaskets. This will put your compressor in 'like new' condition again. Simple to do. Instructions included! Simply look for your model number. We also stock individual parts. If your connecting rod snapped, make sure that the large round weighted flywheel does not wobble on the motor shaft. If it does, then do not order rebuild kit. Cost of repair exceeds value of unit.(X)NLA
00000Isolation Pad Kit (not Shown)Includes rubber and metal mounting pads, mounting screws, and concrete anchors.MP344500AJ$18.34Isolation Pad Kit (not Shown)-
00000Maintenance Kit (not Shown)Obsolete; no longer available. Includes filter elements, oil and maintenance log card.MP3449(X)NLA
00000Start-up Kit (not Shown)Obsolete; no longer available. Includes 2 qts. compressor oil, tank shut-off valve, and isolation pad kit.MP3444(X)NLA
00000Tank Drain Extension KitObsolete; no longer available.MP3456(X)NLA
00001Tank Replace if leaking or damaged to prevent rupture. Obsolete.AR040000BR(X)NLA
00002Thumb Screw Drain CockKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work.D-1403$6.45Thumb Screw Drain Cock-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00002aDrain CockST127700AV$7.15Drain Cock-
00003Motor <span style="\"font-weight:" bold;\"="">Note: order this item for all models, except model VT618902.MC015502SJ, MC017200AJ, MC018101AJ, MC018000IPMC019800SJ$321.16Motor-
00003aMotorFits model # VT627000 & VT622701 and VT559506.MC015403IP, MC017501AJ MC015403SJ, MC018900SJMC019000SJMotor(X)NLA
00005Screw, Hhd4 used- Use for VT6104ST016000AV$1.45Screw, Hhd-
00006Washer, PlainST011200AV$1.45Washer, Plain-
00007Spinlock Nut BlkST146001AV$2.43Spinlock Nut Blk-
00008Nippleab-90503731/4XHEXNIPPLE ST$1.18Nipple-
00009Cw209000av 100/135100psi on, 135psi off. Click Here to view partCW209000AV$41.13Cw209000av 100/135-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00009aPressure SwitchNote: order this item for Model VT631401AJ, VT631402AJ.CW209300AV$41.13Pressure Switch-
00010Clamp, Strain ReliefCW209700AV$3.96Clamp, Strain Relief-
00011Motor/ps CordEC012800AV$12.76Motor/ps Cord-
00012Safety Valve, 150psiSafety Valve, 150psiSRV250150$21.69Safety Valve, 150psi-
00014GaugeFace type - 2".GA016700AV$20.82Gauge-
00016Check Valve-CV221502AJCV221502SJ$28.55Check Valve-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00018Ex Tube Vert VtVT043300AP$11.22Ex Tube Vert VtFactory B/O, no ETA
00019Compression Nut61-8$2.49Compression Nut-
00020Tube FttgQR$6.95Tube Fttg-
00021Unloader Tube (Teflon)Length = 1 Ft.ST117802AV$17.26Unloader Tube (Teflon)-
00023Plug Sq HDST022300AV$1.67Plug Sq HD-
00024CapCap for Oil Drain ExtensionST150100AV$5.26Cap-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00026Comp Fitting BodyST159001AV$4.52Comp Fitting Body-
00027Scr Self4 used - Use for VT6103 & VT6106ST016500AV$1.45Scr Self-
00028Belt, A38Order This belt for model VT631403AJBT013000AVBT013001AV$7.49Belt, A38-
00029Flywheel W/set ScrewNote: order this item for models VT203003 & VT273100.PU015900AG, PU015900AJ, PU015900AVPU015901SJ$53.17Flywheel W/set Screw-
00031Set ScrewNo Longer Available.ST026200AV$1.67Set Screw-
00032Pulley3\\\" outside diameter. use for VT559506. PU012600AVPU012700AV$16.18Pulley-
00032aCompresr Pulley3.25" outside diameter. PU012700AV$16.18-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00032bCompresr PulleyFits model # VT629100 and VT631504. PU015200AV$13.69-
00033Set ScrST012200AV$1.45Set Scr-
00034Beltguard BackBG217902AV$27.93Beltguard Back-
00035Plascrew-blackNote: Also used on models WL650103, WL651900, WL650703, WL651004, WL651000AJ.ST058502AV$1.45Plascrew-black-
00036Belt Guard FrontWire type guard.BG217800AV$30.46Belt Guard Front-
00038Tapping ScrewST073277AV$1.26Tapping Screw-
00039Filter Element (18013) Note: replacement air filter for metal air filter assembly.  ST073916AV$18.90Filter Element (18013)-
00040Air Filter Assembly (1/2" MPT) 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist LockFS-06-050$19.95Air Filter Assembly (1/2" MPT)-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00040Metal Canister Filter Assembly Protect your pump from damage. Includes filter element & housing. SIZE: 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist Lock ST073915AV$35.38Metal Canister Filter Assembly-
00041Wire Belt Guard GroupUsed on model 4B293B-ZV007005SJ$71.66Wire Belt Guard Group-
00042Wire Beltguard Front VtBG218800AV$46.67-
00044Nylon LocknutST163200AV$1.77-
00045Tapping ScrewST073277AV$1.26Tapping Screw-
00046Warning Decal TankNot shown.DK747600AV$4.10Warning Decal Tank-
00047Warning Decal, MovingNot shown.DK364601AV$2.01Warning Decal, Moving-
00048Reducer, PortNot shown.PG201002AV$12.76Reducer, Port-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00048aReducer Plug(bottom of tank - not shown)PG201004AV$14.41Reducer Plug-
00048bReducer Bushing(3/8 NPT)PG201006AV$12.76-
00048cTank Reduce O-ring(bottom of tank - not shown)ST070190AV$1.33Tank Reduce O-ring-
00049Powercord & PlugEC012601AV$26.46Powercord & Plug-
00049aPower CordOrder if frayed or missing ground blade. (240V MODELS)EC012901AV$25.29Power Cord-
00050Clamp ScrewST209800AV$1.26Clamp Screw-
00051Clamp, CordCW209500AV$3.96Clamp, Cord-
00052aPressure GaugeFace type - 1.5".GA016300AV$17.46Pressure Gauge-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00052aPressure GaugeFace type - 1.5".GA016300AV$17.46Pressure Gauge-
00053Dipstick W/filterVT041701AJ$8.12-

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