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Model/Part Number: VT6314, VT6314HDRB

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
Ferrule replacement ferrule.ST085200AV$2.83Ferrule-
Pump w/o flywheel Twin Cylinder VT Pump w/out Flywheel. Has a 55mm stroke. For Gas-powered and 240V Electric units only! This is the replacement pump for VT470000KB use for model VT559506VT472200AJ$256.67
Pump w/o flywheel-
00000Isolation Pad Kit (not Shown)Includes rubber and metal mounting pads, mounting screws, and concrete anchors.MP344500AJ$18.34Isolation Pad Kit (not Shown)-
00000Maintenance Kit (not Shown)Obsolete; no longer available. Includes filter elements, oil and maintenance log card.MP3449(X)NLA
00000Start-up Kit (not Shown)Obsolete; no longer available. Includes 2 qts. compressor oil, tank shut-off valve, and isolation pad kit.MP3444(X)NLA
00000Tank Drain Extension KitObsolete; no longer available.MP3456(X)NLA
00001Tank Replace if leaking or damaged to prevent rupture. Obsolete.AR040000BR(X)NLA
00002Thumb Screw Drain CockKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work.D-1403$5.49Thumb Screw Drain Cock-
00002aDrain CockST127700AV$7.16Drain Cock-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00003Motor Note: order this item for all models, except model VT618902.MC015502SJMC019800SJ$312.28Motor-
00003aMotorFits model # VT627000 & VT622701 and VT559506.MC015403IP, MC017501AJ MC015403SJ, MC018900SJMC019000SJ$316.43Motor-
00005Screw, Hhd4 used- Use for VT6104ST016000AV$1.45Screw, Hhd-
00006Washer, PlainST011200AV$1.45Washer, Plain-
00007Spinlock Nut BlkST146001AV$2.45Spinlock Nut Blk-
00008Nippleab-90503731/4XHEXNIPPLE ST$1.18Nipple-
00009Cw209000av 100/135100psi on, 135psi off. Click Here to view partCW209000AV$38.73Cw209000av 100/135-
00009aPressure SwitchNote: order this item for Model VT631401AJ, VT631402AJ.CW209300AV$38.73Pressure Switch-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00010Clamp, Strain ReliefCW209700AV$3.96Clamp, Strain Relief-
00011Motor/ps CordEC012800AV$12.77Motor/ps Cord-
00012Safety Valve, 150psiSafety Valve, 150psiSRV250150$21.69Safety Valve, 150psi-
00014GaugeFace type - 2".GA016700AV$20.82Gauge-
00016Check Valve-CV221502AJCV221502SJ$22.11Check Valve-
00018Ex Tube Vert VtVT043300AP$11.23Ex Tube Vert Vt-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00019Compression Nut61-8$2.49Compression Nut-
00020Tube FttgQR$6.95Tube Fttg-
00021Unloader Tube (Teflon)Length = 1 Ft.ST117802AV$17.26Unloader Tube (Teflon)-
00023Plug Sq HDST022300AV$1.69Plug Sq HD-
00024CapCap for Oil Drain ExtensionST150100AV$5.28Cap-
00026Comp Fitting BodyST159001AV$4.52Comp Fitting Body-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00027Scr Self4 used - Use for VT6103 & VT6106ST016500AV$1.45Scr Self-
00028Belt, A38Order This belt for model VT631403AJBT013000AVBT013001AV$7.29Belt, A38-
00029Flywheel W/set ScrewNote: order this item for models VT203003 & VT273100.PU015900AG, PU015900AJ, PU015900AVPU015901SJ$49.13Flywheel W/set Screw-
00031Set ScrewNo Longer Available.ST026200AV$1.69Set Screw-
00032Pulley3\\\" outside diameter. use for VT559506. PU012600AVPU012700AV$16.18Pulley-
00032aCompresr Pulley3.25" outside diameter. PU012700AV$16.19-
00032bCompresr PulleyFits model # VT629100 and VT631504. PU015200AV$13.70-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00033Set ScrST012200AV$1.45Set Scr-
00034Beltguard BackBG217902AV$27.94Beltguard Back-
00035Plascrew-blackNote: Also used on models WL650103, WL651900, WL650703, WL651004, WL651000AJ.ST058502AV$1.45Plascrew-black-
00036Belt Guard FrontWire type guard.BG217800AV$30.46Belt Guard Front-
00038Tapping ScrewST073277AV$1.28Tapping Screw-
00039Filter Element (18013) Note: replacement air filter for metal air filter assembly.  ST073916AV$16.00Filter Element (18013)-
00040Air Filter Assembly (1/2" MPT) 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist LockFS-06-050$19.95Air Filter Assembly (1/2" MPT)-
00040Metal Canister Filter Assembly Protect your pump from damage. Includes filter element & housing. SIZE: 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist Lock ST073915AV$35.38Metal Canister Filter Assembly-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00041Wire Belt Guard GroupUsed on model 4B293B-ZV007005SJ$71.67Wire Belt Guard Group-
00042Wire Beltguard Front VtBG218800AV$46.67-
00044Nylon LocknutST163200AV$1.77-
00045Tapping ScrewST073277AV$1.28Tapping Screw-
00046Warning Decal TankNot shown.DK747600AV$4.12Warning Decal Tank-
00047Warning Decal, MovingNot shown.DK364601AV$2.01Warning Decal, Moving-
00048Reducer, PortNot shown.PG201002AV$12.77Reducer, Port-
00048aReducer Plug(bottom of tank - not shown)PG201004AV$14.41Reducer Plug-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00048bReducer Bushing(3/8 NPT)PG201006AV$12.77-
00048cTank Reduce O-ring(bottom of tank - not shown)ST070190AV$1.33Tank Reduce O-ring-
00049Powercord & PlugEC012601AV$26.46Powercord & Plug-
00049aPower CordOrder if frayed or missing ground blade. (240V MODELS)EC012901AV$25.30Power Cord-
00050Clamp ScrewST209800AV$1.28Clamp Screw-
00051Clamp, CordCW209500AV$3.96Clamp, Cord-
00052aPressure GaugeFace type - 1.5".GA016300AV$16.19Pressure Gauge-
00052aPressure GaugeFace type - 1.5".GA016300AV$16.19Pressure Gauge-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00053Dipstick W/filterVT041701AJ$7.34-

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