Isolator Pads, 1"

Isolator Pads and Rubber Feet Vibration Isolator Pads 1" Pads (set of 4) tech help and printable diagrams

Isolator Pads, 1"

Brand: Various Manufacturers

Model/Part Number: I2027

This item fits the following models:

Industrial Air Parts - H1195023,C10Z030H2CK00
Vibration Isolator Pads - Square style
Sanborn Parts - 100GEK30HC,10G-C22-30H,100GEK50HC,10G-C22-50H,110GEH30H
Sanborn Parts - S11G-A24-50H, 11Z050H2AB,C11Z050H2AB00


Set of four solid rubber pads. 4" x 4" x 1".

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