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Brand: NorthStar

Model/Part Number: 45931, 779102 Pump

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
Intercooler Safety Valve 1/4", metric29013249636210716600$9.17Intercooler Safety Valve-
Replacement Filter Element for (#1-4) Filter Assy. Replacement element for all filter assemblies above. 4.25"OD x 3"ID x 2 3/8" Height. Same element is used in all of the filters above. Replace every 3-4 months if air compressor is used frequently. A dirty filter can cause damage to the pump's valves, clog your check valve and reduce the CFM output of the compressor. Always keep an extra handy!14$10.28
Replacement Filter Element for (#1-4) Filter Assy.-
00000Gasket Kit (4950055) Complete gasket kit includes valve plate gaskets, intercooler gaskets, cylinder gasket, base gasket, bearing housing gaskets, and aftercooler gasket. *No Returns or Refunds on this Kit*8973035118$110.72Gasket Kit (4950055)-
00002Head BoltAB9101744(X)NLA
00003Intercooler GasketOnly available in the B4900ValveGskts-IM kit.6231647600$3.64Intercooler Gasket(X)NLA
00004Intercooler/ Aftercooler BoltAB9101254(X)NLA
00005Aftercooler Gasket Only available in the B4900ValveGskts-IM kit.39702006231647500$7.43Aftercooler Gasket(X)NLA
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00008Head GasketAB4650400(X)NLA
00009Valve Plate AssemblyAB4940050(X)NLA
00010Cylinder GasketAB4950300(X)NLA
00011Cylinder Bare cylinder for pump.AB4930000(X)NLA
00012Frame GasketAB4950200(X)NLA
00014Bearing Cover GasketAB2050500(X)NLA
00015BearingIf loose or dirty, replace these when rebuilding pump. AB9170030(X)NLA
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00016Oil Sight Glass9022001$5.03-
00018Cylinder Bolt(M6 x 20mm SHCS)AB9107254$1.68-
00019Crankcase PlugAB9101164(X)NLA
00020Crankcase BoltAB9114271(X)NLA
00021Crankcase PanAB4961301(X)NLA
00022Crankcase GasketAB4950101(X)NLA
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00025Oil SealAB9163010(X)NLA
00027Bearing Housing Bolt(M6 x 15 mm SHCS)AB9101094$1.68-
00028Flywheel (350 mm) Replace if missing cooling fins or cracked.AB3600100(X)NLA
00029Flywheel WasherAB9004008(X)NLA
00030Reverse Thread ScrewAB9110014(X)NLA
00031Half BearingAB9013011(X)NLA
00032Connecting Rod Replace this if broken or frozen to crankshaft. If frozen to crank, remove, then polish crank and install new rod.AB4011100(X)NLA
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00034HP Piston Usually the smaller piston in your pump.AB4621100(X)NLA
00036Piston Ring (ROF)AB9020086(X)NLA
00037Piston Ring (ROS)AB9020053(X)NLA
00038Piston Ring (AC)AB9020023(X)NLA
00039Rod BoltAB9106244(X)NLA
00040LP Piston Usually the larger piston in your pump.AB4922100(X)NLA
00042Ring, Oil, LP (9020057) LP Oil Ring (ROF)6212866300$35.88(X)NLA
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00043Ring, Step, LP (9020056) LP Step Ring (ROS)6212867200$24.32(X)NLA
00044Low Pressure Ring LP Ring (AC)6212865100$23.43-
00045Oil Plug (9024010)3/8\"6214341800$10.32-
00048Air Filter Assembly 3/4" MPTFilter Assembly including Element.30309CK30309$32.17Air Filter Assembly 3/4" MPT-
00050Intake Manifold35604(X)NLA

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