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Brand: Husky

Model/Part Number: H1504ST - Compatible replacement parts for original Husky models

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Tech Pubs:

On/Off rocker switch installation tips
  1. Use a small thin bladed screwdriver to remove the switch, pushing the plastic legs on one end to allow you to pry up one narrow end of the switch. 
  2. Lift the other end of the switch up and out of the plastic cover pulling the wires up and out to allow you to access the wires. 
  3. Remove the wires from the metal spades of the switch. 
  4. Install the terminals on the spades of the switch (doesn't matter which wire goes on which spade as it's a SPST switch). 
  5. Push the switch back into the plastic cover so that the legs snap underneath the plastic cover to hold it securely.

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
00000Pump AssemblyComplete pump assembly as listed above.A700062$105.29Pump Assembly-
00023Air FilterProtect your pump from damage by keeping clean or replacing.9054016$3.54Air Filter-
00049Plastic Cover9038405$12.10-
00102WheelOrder hubcap also if needed.9042039$7.71Wheel-
00103Rubber Foot9038401$3.38-
00105Check Valve If your pressure switch is leaking at the unloader valve, replace this part.9048062$9.96Check Valve-
00106Quick Coupling9047061$8.17Quick Coupling-
00107Drain TapSave your tank from rusting. Replace if broken.9047062$8.11Drain Tap-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00108Air RegulatorAdjustable air pressure knob assembly (gauge sold separately). This can be used for the internal regulator parts. Simply remove the internal parts via putting a wrench on the flats under the knob. Swap this out with the defective internal parts of the 9051170. Throw away the die cast housing that you removed the internal parts from as this is not needed.9051148$19.72Air Regulator-
00110Safety Valve1/4 in., 170 psi9049115$10.93Safety Valve-
00112Elbow 1/4in M Dob Cone Elbow contains the nut for this end of the sending pipe #145ab-9412469ab-9050601$15.33Elbow 1/4in M Dob Cone-
00114Wheel Pin9011049$1.36Wheel Pin-
00117Rubber Handle9038408$2.81-
00126BELT POLY V J5 PJ373 5 ribbed belt. For units built AFTER March 2012.9075317$22.49BELT POLY V J5 PJ373-
00127Rilsan Tube Two feet of tube. Tube size: 6mm I.D., 8mm O.D.9270026$8.35Rilsan Tube-
00131Pressure Switch NON-returnable item. Pressure Switch, 125 PSI On - 155 PSI Off9063217$27.46Pressure Switch-
00132Cord with Plug9065680$11.30-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00133Power Switch9414765Power Switch(X)NLA
00145Sending Pipe9043248$2.47Sending Pipe-
00501Air Receiver9413268035(X)NLA
00502Screw(HCEI 6 x 20 w/ Washer)9414746$1.16-
00503Screw(TBEI 6 x 12)9104139$1.16Screw-
00504Plastic Cord Hook9038407$1.16Plastic Cord Hook-
00505ScrewPARKER 4, 2 X 16.9142241$1.16-
00506Plastic Nailer Hook9038406$1.16Plastic Nailer Hook-
00507Screw(TE 8 x 15)9107288$1.16-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00508Washer(8 x 24 x 2)9131540$0.63-
00509Wheel Plug9038402$1.16Wheel Plug-
00510Bracket, Wheel9416494$2.36Bracket, Wheel-
00512Wire 1 Poles9415129$2.14-
00514Lock Cable9064009$1.16-
00515ScrewPARKER AB 3, 9 X 16.9142592$1.16-
00516Control Panel9416493$18.65-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00519Gauge(50 1/4 RAD RIGHT)9052109$6.69Gauge-
00520Gauge(50 1/4 RAD LEFT)9052110$6.69Gauge-
00521Quick Coupling1/4" M X 8.9053399$5.69Quick Coupling-
00522Plastic Control Panel9038403$4.19Plastic Control Panel-
00523Nails Storage Door9038404$1.68-
00524Hose Hook9416495$15.73-
00525Trolley Bracket9416101$13.09-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00526Broken Brush9038367$1.16-
00527Bracket, Trolley Handle9416102$1.47-
00528Snap Button for Trolley Handle9416105$1.16Snap Button for Trolley Handle-
00529Screw(TBEI 6 x 30)9104140$1.16-
00531Washer, Grower9412192$1.16-
00532ScrewTC 5 X 12.9114082$0.40-
A4SCREW PARKER 4.2x16 BLK9142772$4.34-

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